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About Ascent Partners


Together We Flourish

As a trusted corporate valuation and advisory firm, Ascent Partners always have your back with our professional knowledge and services that underlie all your most important decisions. When you aim for the peak, leave the rest to us and we will get you there.


More than valuation: best decisions.

Ascent Partners is a leader in
valuation services including:

Business Valuation:

review and determine the value of a company for sale, establishing partner ownership and M&As.


Financial Instrument Valuation:

evaluate your financial instruments in accordance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements.


Property, Plant & Machinery Valuation:

independent valuation of properties and tangible assets including plants and machineries.


Natural Resources & Biological Asset Valuation:

take on the challenging task of an accurate valuation of natural resources and biological assets.

Our top-tier corporate advisory services include:

Sustainability Consultancy:

help you stand out from your competitor by identifying your strengths in sustainability.


Enterprise Risk Management Advisory Service:

identify and quantify the risk levels to protect your company in an ever-evolving business world.


Transaction Advisory Service:

pinpoint your best performances to close better deals.

Our pioneering technology advisory services include:

Financial Solution:

gain full access to FINCAD, the industry standard for pricing and risk management solution.


Aerial Photography:

utilize cutting-edge aerial photography equipment such as drones to monitor your projects.


Patent Landscaping:

gain valuable insights through a comprehensive overview of patents relevant to your interest.


Since 2017 Ascent Partners Group Limited has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.