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Clients – Financial Instrument Valuation Clients


Valuation of Employee Share Options

China Jinhai International Group Limited 0139 hk
Geely Automobile Holdings Limited 0175 hk
Winfull Group Holdings Limited 0183 hk
Honghua Group Limited 0196 hk
Next Digital Limited 0282 hk

Valuation of Convertible Bonds

Asia Investment Finance Group Limited 0033 hk
South Sea Petroleum Holdings Limited 0076 hk
New Times Energy Corporation Limited 0166 hk
SMI Holdings Group Limited 0198 hk
Prosperity Investment Holdings Limited 0310 hk

Valuation of Financial Guarantee

Century Sunshine Group Holdings Limited 0509 hk
China Gogreen Assets Investment Limited 0397 hk
The Hong Kong Parkview Group Limited 0207 hk
China HealthCare Holdings Limited 0673 hk

Valuation of Promissory Note

Skyfame Realty (Holdings) Limited 0059 hk
Jiangchen International Holdings Limited 1069 hk
Luxey International (Holdings) Limited 8041 hk
China Oil Gangran Energy Group Holdings Limited 8132 hk

Valuation of Warrant

PetroAsian Energy Holdings Limited 0850 hk
KoYo Chemical (Group) Limited 0827 hk
Chinlink International Holdings Limited 0997 hk
Milan Station Holdings Limited 1150 hk
Net Pacfiic Financial Holdings Limited SGY sg

Valuation of Long Service Payment

Lee Kee Holdings Limited 0637
Suga International Holdings Limited 0912 hk
Le Saunda Holdings Limited 0738 hk

Valuation of Retirement Benefit

Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited 0950 hk

Valuation of Conditional Share Awards

Next Media Limited 0282 hk

Valuation of Restricted Share

Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited

Valuation of Preferred Share

Meize Energy Industries Holding Limited

Valuation of Convertible Preferred Shares

Prosperity Investment Holdings Limited

Valuation of Forward Contract

The Refined Industry Company Limited

Valuation of Foreign Exchange Contract

Quali-Smart Holdings Limited

Valuation of Non-Deliverable Capped Ratio Forward

Asahi (H.K) Limited

Valuation of Currency Swap

Global Bio-chem Technology Group Co Ltd.

Valuation of Currency Option

Poly Richest International Limited

Valuation of Amount Payable

Tesson Holdings Limited

Valuation of Senior Notes

Sound Global Limited

Valuation of Pledged Note

Jiangchen International Holdings Limited

Valuation of Loan Notes

Hong Kong Education (Int’l) Investments Limited

Valuation of Mortgage Loans

Bonjour Holdings Limited

Valuation of Corporate Bonds

China Agroforestry Low-Carbon Holdings Limited

Valuation of Exchangeable Bonds

Kasen International Holdings Limited

Valuation of Purchase Rights of Exchangeable Bonds

Skyfame Realty (Holdings) Limited

Valuation of Guaranteed Bonds

Global Bio-chem Technology Group Co Limited

Valuation of Senior Secured Guaranteed Notes

Ascenda Cachet CPA Limited

Valuation of Call & Put Option

Lansen Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited

Valuation of Debt Component of Class A shares

Net Pacific Financial Holdings Limited 5QY