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“It is a pleasure to work with Ascent Partners. They deliver fast, professional and high quality results.”

Ms Claris Tam, LexisNexis

“Ascent Partners was engaged to help with our cost management efforts. However, the breadth and depth of their insight proved invaluable to our operation teams. They really understand our management style, our business and challenges at a micro and macro level.”

Dr Ricky Szeto, Executive Director, Hung Fook Tong

“We initially asked Ascent Partners to advise us on our financing arrangements, but we were so impressed by their contribution and analysis that we enlisted them to help across all areas of the transaction. They went above and beyond, providing outstanding service, working seamlessly with other parties and anchoring us with their incredible support at a stressful time. They did an excellent job.”

Ms Esther Hui, Former Shareholder, Hui Lau Shan

“Over the past five years, Ascent Partners has maintained a good and cooperative relationship with China Yixing Industrial Park and the Yixing Municipal Government. Ascent Partners has contributed a great deal to our city’s open economy by referring foreign businesses, introducing new projects, handling equity financing and helping corporations to become listed companies. We will certainly recommend Ascent Partners to other companies.”

Mr Zhou Ming Xin, Yixing Bureau of Commerce

“From Madagascar to Mauritius, Ascent Partners is our trusted service provider for valuation and beyond.”

Mr Elmen Wong, Kam Hing International Holdings

“Ascent Partners took the time to learn what we do and was therefore the best value for our operation. Their professional, practical, and transparent working style made the experience both efficient and pleasant for all parties.”

Mr Neal Chu, Henderson Land

“It has been a pleasure working with Ascent Partners over the past few years. The team is always professional and helpful. They are truly a ‘partner’ and I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing independent valuation service.”

Mr Kenny Yeung, CFO, SCUD Group Limited

“Ascent Partners was engaged to ascertain the fair value of our share options. In addition to their professionalism, their expertise exceeded our expectations and they created value by addressing concerns from different parties within a tight timeframe. We were impressed with Ascent Partners and the great support they showed us.”

Mr David Cheung, Company Secretary & Financial Controller,
Geely Automobile Holdings Limited

“Engaging Ascent Partners to obtain an objective valuation opinion has been a real pleasure. Their work is professional, efficient and cost-effective, and the team is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and great to work with. We have no reservations recommending Ascent Partners to other companies.”

Mr Andy Chan, Company Secretary & Financial Controller,
Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited

“Ascent Partners offers a quick and easy way to obtain advice and the team is readily available to answer questions. We are satisfied with their pleasant and professional service.”

Ms Karen Tsui, Accounting & Finance Department Manager,
Sony International (Hong Kong)

“Ascent Partners provides comprehensive and professional IT services. Their engineers are friendly and knowledgeable.”

Ms Mavis Lam, Administration Manager,
National United Resources Holdings Limited

“They understand our business needs and always give us peace of mind.”

Mr Alan Chui, Director, Sinoway Carbon Energy Holdings Limited