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Technology Advisory


Technology is your new growth engine.

Ascent Partners aims to apply proven multidisciplinary techniques and tools to be more effective and efficient when providing services to our clients, including our existing services such as valuation. We also seek the opportunity to extend our service offering through technology innovation.

Financial Solution

We are the proud provider of FINCAD, the pricing and risk management solution trusted by our clients including the Big Four accounting firms.

Since 1990 FINCAD has become the industry standard in financial analytics providing derivative analytics tools and services to over 4,000 organizations around the world. With FINCAD, you will have access to the most comprehensive financial analytics library available in the industry.

Aerial Photography

Equipped with up-to-the-minute drones and cameras, Ascent Partners is also a professional service provider of aerial photography with applications in the inspection of construction sites, land lots, high-rise buildings and other large scaled projects, for various purposes including measurement, site planning, progress monitoring, research and investigation.

Patent Landscaping

Our patent landscaping service creates comprehensive overviews of patents that are pending or in place in areas of interest for our clients. A well-prepared patent landscape will offer valuable insights to our clients to support better decision making.

“What attracted us to FINCAD F3 was the ability to model derivatives through a generic approach. This enables us to model virtually any type of trade without relying on software updates for each instrument.”


Mr. Matthew Lynes

Portfolio Manager, Aberdeen Asset Management