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Valuation Service


“An accurate assessment of a value is essential to reaching your goal. Our comprehensive offering of valuation services will have you covered.”


William Yuen

Director, Ascent Partners

In today’s ever-changing and increasingly competitive business climate; a precise, independent, and transparent assessment of value can be the deciding factor in achieving your goals.

  • Financial Reporting
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Internal Reference
  • Litigation Support
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)


We deliver impartial, comprehensive, and collaborative results
to enable better decision making for our clients.


We draw from our extensive industrial, commercial, and technical experience to deliver impartial valuations that meet international and local regulatory standards. We will work with you to cater to your needs to the best of our abilities while maintaining the highest ethical standard as an independent valuation company.


We leave no stone unturned. Our reports and certificates will thoroughly explain the methodologies, the assumptions, the considerations, the title investigation, and any limiting conditions to ensure that everything is transparent.


The most important aspect of Ascent Partners is our ability to manage the coordination of the various professional parties across multiple jurisdictions on your behalf to ensure the desired results.


Ascent Partners believes that valuation service should be performed in a professional and transparent manner. We pledge to fully support and cooperate with your internal or external audit review in a timely manner.

With the principles in mind, Ascent Partners provides a wide range of valuations including, inter alia:

Business Valuation

We assist you in the process of determining the economic value of your business. These valuations encompass a wide range of fields and methodologies. We have the experience to determine the fair value of a business for all your needs, from financial reporting, division of ownership, and M&As.

Our expertise covers the following sectors:

“From Madagascar to Mauritius, Ascent Partners is our trusted service provider for valuation and beyond.”


Mr. Elmen Wong

Executive Director, Kam Hing International Holdings

Financial Instrument Valuation

Financial Instruments are a key aspect when it comes to running a business, especially when they are needed for funding or as an incentive for the important stakeholders in your business.

Let Ascent Partners be your guide when it comes to their value. We provide independent valuation for financial instruments that are in line with the established accounting and regulatory standards.

“Ascent Partners was engaged to ascertain the fair value of our share options. In addition to their professionalism, their expertise exceeded our expectations and they created value by addressing concerns from different parties within a tight timeframe. We were impressed with Ascent Partners and the great support they showed us.”


Mr. David Cheung

Company Secretary & Financial Controller, Geely Automobile Holdings Limited

Property, Plant & Equipment Valuation

Shed light on the key aspects of the value within your company by working with Ascent Partners. We understand the ins and outs of the regulatory requirements on valuation of your assets.

We have experienced it All!

  • Hotel
  • Industrial
  • Inventory
  • Land Parcel
  • Office
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Public Utilities
  • Residential
  • Retail Shops
  • Shopping Arcades
  • Others

“Engaging Ascent Partners to obtain an objective valuation opinion has been a real pleasure. Their work is professional, efficient and cost effective, and the team is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and great to work with, we have no reservations recommending Ascent Partners to other companies.”


Mr. Andy Chan

Company Secretary & Financial Controller, Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings Limited

Our expertise in geographic knowledge and experience covers:


Property : Atlantic House
Type: Office
Client: Winfull Group Holdings Limited
Purpose: Circular disclosure

Hong Kong

Property : Town Health Technology Centre
Type: Office
Client: Town Health International Medical Group Limited
Purpose: Financial reporting


Property : 119-122 Bayswater Road
Type: Hotel
Client: Winfull Group Holdings Limited
Purpose: Circular disclosure

Hong Kong

Property : Bonjour Tower
Type: Industrial
Client: Bonjour Holdings Limited
Purpose: Circular disclosure


Property : 25-31 Keysborough Avenue
Type: Industrial
Client: Ausnutria Dairy Corporation Limited
Purpose: Financial reporting


Property : Daminggong Construction Materials & Furniture City – East Third Ring Store
Type: Retail
Client: Chinlink International Holdings Limited
Purpose: Financial reporting

Natural Resources & Biological Assets Valuation

To determine the value of natural resources and biological assets can be challenging due to the complexity and diversification of the transformation units. Ascent Partners understands the substantial impact of such valuation to the company’s financial statement and the investment decision, and we excel at it.

“Ascent Partners has been our long-term partner for providing the valuation and consulting services, particularly, on our biological assets of various species in different regions. Throughout the years, their professional and dedicated team help us to meet challenging undertaking and tight schedule, whether it is for asset acquisition or regular compliance reporting. It is our great pleasure to work with Ascent Partners and we are grateful for their impressive support.”


Mr. Jack Ding

CFO, China Agroforestry Low-Carbon Holdings Limited

Our natural resources and biological assets valuation covers:

Proven Track Record

Representative IPO projects

Our industry expertise in IPO projects ranges from construction, food production, security service to pharmaceuticals:

Year 2016 2015 2014 2013
Client Luen Wong Group Holdings Ltd. China Candy Holdings Ltd. King Force Security Holdings Ltd. New Ray Medicine International Holding Ltd.
Industry Construction Food Production Security Service Pharmaceuticals

Representative M&A projects related to business valuation

Year 2017 2016 2015 2014
Client Bolina Holdings Co., Ltd. Lansen Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. Get Holdings Ltd. Town Health International Medical Group Ltd.
Project Discloseable Transaction Connected and Discloseable Transaction Major and Connected Transaction Major Transaction
Details Acquisition of 51% of the issued share capital of the target company involving issue of new shares under general mandate Related to the second tranche subscription in Haotian Holdings Limited and related to the Cross Guarantee Agreement Acquisition of 14.677% Interest in a non-wholly owned subsidiary Acquisition of 94.3% Interest in the target

Representative M&A projects related to property valuation

Year 2017 2016 2016 2015
Client Winfull Group Holdings Ltd. New Ray Medicine International Holdings Ltd. Hanny Holdings Ltd. Alltronics Holdings Ltd.
Project Major Transaction Discloseable and Connected Transactions Very Substantial Acquisitions and Connected Transactions Major Transaction
Details Disposal of 30% Equity Interests in Apex Plan Ltd. Acquisitions of Properties Acquisitions of (1) 49% of the issued shares of China Good Investments Ltd., and, (2) the entire issued share capital of Topack Group Ltd. Acquisition of Properties