Valuation Service

A transparent and consistent independent valuation is a critical tool for accounting, litigation, commercial or tax purposes and key management decisions.

At Ascent Partners, our practitioners draw from their extensive industrial, commercial and technical experience to deliver impartial valuations that meet international and regulatory requirements. We provide clients with comprehensive reports and certificates that explain the basis and methodologies of the valuation, clarifying assumptions, valuation considerations, title investigation and limiting conditions.

Our experience in advisory and transaction services enables us to anticipate and mitigate a variety of issues raised during and after the valuation process. This value-added information is shared with our clients to help them effectively plan for and achieve their goals.

The key value Ascent Partners brings to our clients is that we manage the coordination of professional parties on behalf of the client across multiple jurisdictions to create the desired results.

Financial Instrument Valuation
Ascent Partners provides independent valuations of financial instruments in line with established accounting standards and regulatory requirements.

Our services range from fair value measurements of stock options, warrants and currency forwards to more complex instruments such as callable, puttable and convertible bonds, to more exotic structured securities such as equity link instruments etc. at initial recognition and subsequent revaluation. In addition, we also provide hedge accounting valuation.
Business Valuation
We provide clients with assistance in the process of determining the economic value of a business or company. Business valuations encompass a wide array of fields and methods and we help our clients determine the fair value of a business for a variety of reasons, including sale value, establishing partner ownership and M&As.

Common approaches to business valuation include reviews of financial statements, discounting cash flow models and similar company comparisons.

We have provided valuations to some of the region’s leading companies across the automobile, biomedical, industrial, manufacturing, property and technology sectors.
Property Valuation
We provide clients with fair valuations of their property, plants, machinery, equipment and land parcels to comply with regulatory requirements of IPOs, audits, acquisitions or divestiture activities. Our valuations comply with international standards and follow industry best practice.