Technology Advisory

IT Consulting
We provide full-service IT consulting for our clients’ IT needs.

To help our clients realize the full value of their IT assets, Ascent Partners offers a range of services covering IT alignment, architecture and strategy. From general office support to establishing IT platforms, we are also able to ensure that existing systems meet complex auditing, financial reporting and regulatory requirements.

A reliable, useful yet agile IT infrastructure is one of the most important advantages a business can secure, providing a solid foundation for day-to-day operations as well as a robust platform to support future growth.

Our technology specialists are able to provide full-service support to our clients, from assessing IT needs to design and implementation of new systems or system upgrades. We are also able to provide sourcing and procurement services, project management as well as interfacing with vendors including post-release testing, contingency planning and 24/7 IT support.

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Financial Software Distribution

Ascent Partners is a distributer of FINCAD, a financial analytics and derivatives risk management software. FINCAD provides corporate and financial institutions with comprehensive pricing and risk management solutions for derivatives and fixed income instruments. Together, we help to support your business.